Robert Scholten :
/ Creative image-maker / Artist, Illustrator, Designer & Sketchbook addict / Based in Melbourne, Australia 

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.” 
- Pablo Picasso

Robert Scholten is an artist, illustrator and designer from Melbourne, Australia, with a style that mixes vibrant colours, rich textures and a range of imagery. His work can be seen in a variety of places, from mural paintings to children's books.

Drawing from a diverse range of inspiration, Robert's creativity plays with multiple styles inspired by sources such as tattoos, old master paintings, comic books, tribal art as well as places and people he has experienced. The end result is a body of work that celebrates life. Robert often works across many mediums, from spray cans to biro pens to digital.

Robert's work is informed by his background, extensive travels and life experiences. As an Australian artist with Filipino and Dutch parents, the mixing of cultures, layers and styles is integral to his artistic expression. 


If you would like to discuss a project, collaboration or fancy a chat, please get in touch.

Publications and Artist Talks

2017 — Drawn from Life by Helen Birch, Hardie Grant Publishing, Australia
2015 — Creativity in the Everyday, University lecture, Phnom Penh
2015 — Sketchbooks, Zupi Magazine #46, São Paulo
2015 — Artist feature page, Unleashed Wakeboard Magazine, Toulouse
2014 — The Art of Urban Sketching, Shenyang
2015 — Sketchbooks, Zupi Magazine #46, São Paulo
2010 — Sketches and Doodles, b* creative Magazine #9
2009 — Jikininki, RMSED Magazine, Melbourne

 Public Art Projects

2018 — St Kilda Festival illustration, St Kilda, Melbourne
2017 — River of Voices Mural Art Installation, Warranwood PS, Melbourne
2016 — Swinburne University, Mural, Melbourne
2016 — Freedom Machine, Car Design, Melbourne
2015 — Ock Pop Tok, Mural, Luang Prabang
2014 — Rasta Tree, Mural, Chiang Mai
2014 — Night and Day, Mural, Melbourne
2014 — Freedom Fighters, Mural, Melbourne
2014 — Creative Minds, Mural, Melbourne
2013 — Somachi, Mural, Melbourne
2013 — Tree of Life, Mural, Melbourne
2012 — Art Jam, Performance, Manila
2010 — Lake Attack, Art Facilitator, Manila
2007 — KPMG Global conference, Art Facilitator, Ho Chi Minh City
2005 — Charlie Chaplin, Mural, Osaka
2005 —Pierrot Harbour, Mural, Osaka


2010 — Master of Fine Art, RMIT, Melbourne
2007 — Advanced Diploma of Visual Design, Swinburne University, Melbourne
2003 —Bachelor's Degree of Information Systems, Monash University, Melbourne

Selected Exhibitions

2014 — Latest Work, Gallery Number 9, Melbourne
2013 — Collective Momentum, 106 Gallery, Melbourne
2011 — Community Spirit, Toyota Emerging Artists, Melbourne
2011 — Drawn Again, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
2010 — Drawn, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
2010 — Heroes, 106 Gallery, Melbourne
2010 — RMIT Masters Graduates, Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne
2009 — Traces of Being, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne
2009 — National Maritime Art Awards, Maritime Museum, Melbourne
2008 — Animal Tales, 106 Gallery, Melbourne