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I am available for a range of creative services in: live art, art workshops, community art, street art, illustration and portraits. Scroll down to view more info. 

If you have any ideas that aren't covered here, feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to consider it.


Art Workshops

I am experienced in providing workshops and teaching students for a huge variety of needs. These range from conference level corporate team-building to social painting nights.

  LIve Painting at St Kilda Festival

LIve Painting at St Kilda Festival

Live Art Performance

I have performed at various events and festivals creating live art. I can work with a variety of mediums, from spray paint to acrylic paints to digital media, and work with any restrictions the venue might have. Additionally, I can also work on a wide variety of subjects. So if you have particular imagery that you want me to create for that event, I can do that as well.


Street Art / murals / grafitti art

I am experienced street artist, and have created works for cafes, bars, schools, and private residences, just to name a few! I can create murals to fit any wall as well as a custom design to fit the style and theme.


Working with communities

I have worked with a number of communities to create art. Community can be a pretty broad term, and some examples that I have worked with range from schools to a textile learning centre in Laos! In these projects, I often create a system wherein we can have a large number of people contributing art to create a bigger work - in this case, the sum is most definitely larger than it's parts!



I can create illustrations for a wide variety of uses. 



I love drawing and painting faces. I can create portrait art in any media, of loved ones or famous ones.