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Visual Creative Studio

Art Workshops + Live art performance

Experienced in providing workshops and teaching students in a variety of situations. These range from conference level corporate team-building to social painting nights. This also includes performing at various events and festivals creating live art.

Planet Robobop: Working with communities

I have been fortunate to have worked with a number of communities to create art. Community is a broad term, and examples that I have worked with range from primary and secondary schools to a textile learning centre in Laos! In these projects, we devise a system wherein a large number of people contribute their art talents in order to create a bigger work - it is imperative that the ownership of the creative process extends beyond the artist. In this case, the sum is most definitely larger than it's parts!


Street Art / murals / grafitti art

Street art for all kinds of places - cafes, bars, schools, and private residences, just to name a few! These are all custom designed and painted to fit the style and theme.


The Sketch Diaries

Sketching is something I love doing so much. Whether from my imagination or traveling the world, I’m constantly drawing away in my sketchbooks. Check out my sketches here!